At the Mellech Group, we believe that our ultimate role is to represent and advance the Kingdom of God in our generation and those to come. We therefore seek to do His agenda through business and be an extension of His hand to humanity. Guided by integrity based on the Word of God we seek to be an epistle to be read by men in our day and age.
About Us
We at the Mellech Group believe that Africa is at one of its most defining moments. We are glad to be part of the development of this continent at such a time as this and believe that we will see it rise to its fullest potential in our day. We seek to identify needs in Africa and provide solutions that will positively impact lives in this continent.
It is our conviction that God has made us stewards over the responsibilities he has charged us with and the resources he places in our hands by way of the companies that make up the Mellech Group; this He has done for His glory and for His Kingdom.

To this end, our core values as a Group are anchored and can be summed up in one word:


To God, we are committed to service by maintaining Kingdom Focus in our operations and go beyond profit in our companies to positively influence change in communities; personally, spiritually, politically, socio-economically and corporately.

To our clients and stakeholders, we are committed to service through delivering Excellence by continuously seeking to improve our products and services to be of the highest quality possible

At Mellech, we cultivate a culture that values and rewards the highest ethical standards and corporate integrity. All our companies share common core values and are expected to act with honesty, integrity and fairness.
We are confident that God is doing a great work in the African continent and are humbled to be part of His agenda for our land. Indeed, may He restore Africa.


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